DIY Digital Generator

Dont want to spen hours printing an cutting? Check out the stencils I have for sale in the Paint Stencils section!

Step 1. Choose a camo pattern or enter your own values.

Step 2. Choose your print out size.

Step 3. Set the pixel size. The folks at Snipers Paradise recommend 1/4" squares, which roughly translates to a pixel size of 26. Near as I can tell, Lauer Custom Weaponry uses 1/8" or smaller.

Step 4. The quantity value will add more point. Experiment. Note that large values (~1000) might timeout before the plot can be drawn.

Step 5. Drift. Smaller numbers create s a more blotchy pattern. (enter positive values)

Step 6. Pick either Digital or Flecktarn pattern

Step 7. Create a Jpeg or PNG image.

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Please bear with me, this is site is still in beta...Expect it to break now and again as I mess with it....

Color Type or

Enter in Duracoat Number

Primary color

Color 1

Color 2

Color 3

Transparency/Stencil Size

Pixel Size (13 ~= 1/8" on paper)

Quantity (higher creates more initial plot points)


Digital Camo Flecktarn Camo

Create JPEG Create PNG

Custom Duracoat Colors Available

DuraCoat Electric Colors

Featured Picture

Urban Digital Model 99


Digital Tigerstripe Camouflage