Wild/Woodland Camouflage Howto


Mask off any vital areas with 3M Painters Tape.

This may include things like open bolts, hopper feed tubes, etc...


Apply the basecoat.

This should be done slowly, and evenly.

It is better to apply 5 light coats than 1 heavy dripping coat.

Initiate the spray before you reach your marker, that way you have a nice fine mist hitting your gun. If you start right above your marker you risk globs and splotches. Not good. Not good at all young jedi.

Experiment with distances. If you spray from too far back, the paint particles will glob together making a nasty orange peel looking finish. For my airbrush 3 inches seemed good.Start placing stencils with the assistance of your xacto blade. Do not press them down until you are happy with the position. Remember, with Woodland camo you want to make sure the pattern starts off the edge of the weapon. Once you are happy, press them down to make sure they stick.

Woodland Black Basecoat with stencils

Matte black Stencils applied.

Note: Everywhere you place a stencil on the basecoat will show through all subsequent layers. I tend to use smaller stencils on the basecoat so that they don't overwhelm the subsequent layers.

Apply the brown coat. Let it dry before applying your stencils.

Woodland Brown with stencils
Brown w/ Stencils Applied on top of the black stencils.

Apply the tan. Let it dry before applying the stencils. (not pictured)

Apply the final coat of green. After the weapon is dry, remove all the templates.

Woodland Camouflage

Woodland X7 Duracoat Camouflage

Field Shots

You may want to follow up with a matte clear coat for added durability. Plus it will even out the sheen of the different paint

Feel free to me if you have any questions.